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Greetings from myself and your Executive Board. Due to recent changes and events at our Post we have been unable to communicate to our members through the Post Calls that we had been providing to our members on a monthly basis via the U.S.Postal Service. The costs of providing this service has reached such a high cost of completing, that the Post can no longer provide this service. We are eager to provide timely news of events and happenings at the Post to all members of the American Legion Family.
​As a result of this, we are going to make every effort to communicate timely news via electronic means which will save much paper and postage. By updating our members e-mail addresses and phone numbers we will be able to keep you informed. Also, a limited supply of the Newsletters will be printed and available at the Post.
​Please send your e-mail address and telephone number to:   dclausing@wowway.com
​Also, we invite you to visit our Post Web Site at:  americanlegioncliftonpost421.org
Michael Sobera
Post Commander

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